Energy MakeOver Discovery Session (offered worldwide by phone or skype).

It’s part Psychic Reading / Part Oshune Reiki Distance Healing / Part Energy Clearing & Chakra Alignment. It’s a 2 part session that includes an “Intuitive Inspiration Reading” that helps to identify the energies are currently influencing your present and future so that you can create the Limitless Life you want to live.

How It Works:

Part 1 of each session begins by having a conversation about what it is that you want MORE of in your LIFE … and what it is that you want LESS of in your LIFE. While I do a full Tarot Card Reading to give some clarity to your past, present and future while intuitively looking at your Life Path and how it lines up with your Soul Path, to really get to the heart of the matter of why things are the way that they are now and how you can have more of the “Big 4” in your life… more love, health, wealth and the time to enjoy it!

Part 2 of each session begins with an Energy Clearing and Chakra Alignment with Oshune Reiki. I created Oshune Reiki in 2002 as a way to help people “Get Grounded” in their own Energy Field, to help eliminate “Leaky Energy” by removing unhealthy energy and to heal & seal any “Energy Cords” which are connecting you to people, places or situations that are simply unhealthy for you. We then finish off the Energy MakeOver with a personalized guided meditation to help you feel refreshed and revitalized, ready to meet the day with a fresh perspective and renewed inspiration.


People sometimes ask if a phone/skype sessions is really as effective as an in person session – and my answer: it works even better than an in person session. Why? Well for starters, intuitive energy is not location based and therefore anyone can be anywhere and I can read them. I actually do quite a few email readings for people, without having spoken to them and my clients are pleased by the results. (check out the testimonials section, my client’s rock!) And secondly, we all have things that we try to hide from ourselves and I find that when I’m doing a session with someone using audio only, there’s more of a willingness that people have to be truly honest about what they want in their lives without the fear of being judged, like there is when you’re having a face to face conversation.

Now, for the Energy Healing part of the session: FYI, Oshune Reiki is actually a “No Touch” form of Reiki that was initially created with intent to be used as a distance healing modality, so even if you’re in a practitioner’s office and they’re doing Oshune Reiki on you, it would still be a No Touch treatment and therefore technically a “distance session” even if a practitioner was in the room with you, plus, it’s the strongest form of Energy Healing that I’ve ever used and people from California to London to Australia swear by it’s effectiveness.


Here’s what some of my client’s have to say:

“Wow,  a session with WildFlower is better then any therapy appointment I’ve had in my entire life – ever!”

Raina – St. Paul, MN


WildFlower, I just wanted to tell you that I got a small crystal for my neck like you recommended and I already feel better! I am also doing the (Energy Movement) exercises you showed me they really help my back. Thank you so much for all you have done for me. You are a real angel!

Crystal – Stillwater, MN


Dear WildFlower,

Thank you for the wonderful insight that you provided me! I was amazed by the accuracy with which you described me. I expected to receive more general information, but what you provided was very specific, personal, and accurate. I have always wanted to write a book, a thought that I have not shared with others. The fact that you knew this is an incredible testimonial to your intuitive abilities. Several things have taken place in my life in the last several months to lead me to a place where I believe that I could and would like to begin to investigate publishing my writing. You described me as a creative person who is a writer and in need of seeking others who will help to support me in reaching my creative goals.

Since talking with you I have put some plans in place to becoming a published author… I look forward to talking with you again soon! Thank you!

– St. Paul, MN


Choose your session length below to get started:

Full Energy MakeOver Session: 90 Minutes – $195 Reg $345 (first time client discount)

A Full Energy MakeOver Discovery Session is a 90 Minute session. This gives us ample time to work with the reading portion as well as with the energetic healing portion of the call. A 90 Minute session is regularly $330, but as a first time client, you can get $150 off. So for $195 you can get a full 90 minute session. If you find that you would like to continue your Energy MakeOver Journey with a full program after your discovery session, we do offer packages that have significant bulk discounts for future sessions as well.

Basic Energy MakeOver Session: 60 Minutes – $147 Reg $230(first time client discount)

A Basic Energy MakeOver Discovery Session is a brief 60 Minute session. We have to flow through the session more quickly because of limited time availability, so we may not be able to address everything that’s going on energetically, but it’s an option if you’re on a budget. A 60 Minute session is regularly $230, but as a first time client, you can get $83 off.

Mini Energy MakeOver Session: 30 Minutes – $95 Reg $115 (first time client discount)

A Mini Energy MakeOver Discovery Session is a 30 Minute session and it’s just that, a mini session. We flow through the session quite a bit more quickly because of limited time availability, so we jump to the heart of the matter quickly so that I can give you a brief overview of the energies that are currently present in your life as well as a shorter distance healing portion, but it can be a great way to try a session if you’re on a limited budget. A 30 Minute session is regularly $125, but as a first time client, you get $30 off.


To reserve your Energy MakeOver Discovery Session with WildFlower, click your desired session length to be brought to the payment page and complete your payment. Once you complete your payment (by paypal, debit or credit card) we will email you at the email that you used to complete your payment (within 24 business hours mon-fri) with available times/days to schedule your appointment to get you all set for your Energy MakeOver.

If you have any questions or would like to pay by check, please click HERE to email or call our office manager Juliette. Evening and Weekend appointments + Gift Certificates are available.


Bright Blessings! WildFlower

About WildFlower:

As an Intuitive Reiki Master and Life Transformation Psychic, WildFlower has been a featured keynote speaker with Paradigm Symposium and the Learning Annex where she created the wildly successful “Meet the Psychics, Meet the Healers” seminar series in Minneapolis. She hosts the TV/Radio Show “Bridging The Gap”, to help you unleash your inner power and hosts Club Limitless – An online membership club dedicated to helping you reach your goals and achieve your true potential. A former College Professor teaching advanced marketing techniques, she currently teaches through WildFlower Institute and She is known as “The Practical Psychic”, offering guidance on how people can unleash their inner power to engage their InnerSpirit in their lives. Her predictions have been featured a variety on talkshows and magazines. Plus, she has appeared live with the Psychic PanelTM, Kathryn Harwig, The InnerSpirit Circle®, at the Edge Expo and as a guest co-host on Echo Bodine’s “Intuitive Living” Radio Show.


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