Psychic Intuitive Life Coaching  Available Worldwide – on the phone or skype.

A Psychic Intuitive Life Coaching session with WildFlower offers Wisdom, Insight, and Clarity regarding your health, life path, business and spiritual matters. This is no ordinary psychic consultation nor is it your average life coaching appointment! These enlightening consultations help you to open your eyes to the bigger picture of what’s going on in your life right now and teach you how to utilize the “Law of Attraction” to manifest your hearts desires. This will help empower you to harness your true passions within, creating positive changes in your own life. Discover why people refer to WildFlower as “The Professional Angel”.

 A Psychic Intuitive Life Coaching session with WildFlower helps to illuminate the mystery in your life so you can:

  • Get Clarity about your Life Path
  • Accelerate your Career or start your own business and receive clarity on your career path
  • Uncover your hidden relationship patterns to improve the relationship in your life and attract new ones
  • Get clarity on your current financial abundance potential and discover what obstacles to remove to allow yourself to achieve your Financial Freedom
  • Manifest more Miracles
  • Create balance in your life by discovering what is out of balance and transforming that energy
  • Discover how your health issues are related to your vibration and get clarity about how to shift your patterns into creating a healthier body
  • Illuminate your heart’s desires to get clarity about what action to take to achieve your goals
  • Discover emotional blockages and stagnant energy in your life to remove obstacles and set your Emotional Set Point to Happy
  • Identify your life’s potential and realize your destiny


These private – one on one consultations are done on the phone or via skype, which makes
it convenient to fit into your busy schedule. Clients find amazing clarity and results in as little as one consultations, while people that are actively changing things up in their lives, prefer to continue into an ongoing program to have continued support. It’s up to you. As one of WildFlowers clients so graciously put it.” A session with WildFlower “Recharges my Inspiration!


Here is what just a few of WildFlower’s coaching clients have to say:

 ”Wow,  a session with WildFlower is better than any therapeudic appointment I’ve had in my entire life – ever!”… R.M. – St. Paul, MN

Dear WildFlower,

Thank you for the wonderful insight that you provided me! I

was amazed by the accuracy with which you described me.

I expected to receive more general information, but what

you provided was very specific, personal, and accurate.

I have always wanted to write a book, a thought that I

have not shared with others. The fact that you knew this

is an incredible testimonial to your intuitive abilities.

Several things have taken place in my life in the last

several months to lead me to a place where I believe that

I could and would like to begin to investigate publishing

my writing. You described me as a creative person who

is a writer and in need of seeking others who will help

to support me in reaching my creative goals.

Since talking with you I have put some plans in place to becoming

a published author… I look forward to seeing you again

soon! Thank you!


– St. Paul, MN



I just wanted to tell you that I got a small crystal for

my neck like you recommended and I already feel better!

I am also doing the (Energy Movement) exercises you showed

me they really help my back. Thank you so much for all

you have done for me. You are a real angel!

Crystal – Stillwater, MN


Unhealthy patterns released at rapid speed from my body, mind and

soul. It’s as though the world was brought under a microscope,

all things are clear. Concepts and thoughts are now visible

through my eyes. Sensation of an awakening of long ignored

psychic abilities. The need to restore the physical body

back to nourished life. Heaviness seems silly and wasteful.

Its okay, I now have the personal power to deal effectively

with me instead of others. Feelings and words feel so

clear now, its almost strange, their sounds are almost

foreign. As though I’ve heard my voice for the first time.

Could it just be acknowledgement.

I can love and care for myself so I can better the world

as a channel for universal love.

I’m still in the learning process, but the strength is phenomenal,

my confidence is better than ever before. I feel loving

and capable. I thank you again, and look forward to my

next Oshune Reiki training!


– Minneapolis, MN

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