Energy MakeOvers! – Learn how to Transform your Energy from bla to Fabulous in just 10 minutes.

Learn how to RELEASE stagnant Energy and Maximize your Energy Levels for yourself! Release the Energy cords that are connecting you to OLD Habits, Illness, People, Situations & Emotional Patterns! A good all around Cleansing and Healing of the Body’s Energy Field to release old and awaken to the new. Helps to RENEW focus & concentration!

          Learn how to Heal yourself and your loved ones with your own hands. Increase your natural healing abilities!

          Learn how to balance your Chakras (Energy centers of the body)

          Learn how to sense and feel Energy (even if you never have before!)

          You are PSYCHIC! Learn how to expand your intuition!


Energy MakeOvers is taught by WildFlower by appointment only. Contact us at assistant(@) or call 651-208-6452 to schedule your class. Perfect for a girls night in, baby showers, holiday parties and much more.