REIKI is a Japanese energy healing technique used to maintain Wellbeing, Reduce Pain, Stress & Depression and stimulate the body’s natural healing abilities. REIKI is Japanese for “Universal Life Force Energy”. At WildFlower Institute, you’ll learn 2 different types of Reiki in each class. Traditional Usui Reiki and Oshune Reiki.

WildFlower created Oshune REIKI in 2002 to include centering, intuitive and negative energy removal techniques that are not taught in other REIKI classes. Back in 2002, she saw so many people having issues with being too “ungrounded” or becoming too “Energetically Hypersensitive” after taking only a Traditional Usui Class. In fact, she became the “go to Reiki Master” in the Twin Cities for people to go to when they became too Energetically Hypersensitive after taking traditional Usui Reiki Classes so that she could then “attune” these same Reiki students with Oshune Reiki so that they would have a more “grounded way” to not only conduct Reiki Sessions, but a more grounded way to live in their own energetic field as well.

REIKI can be used for self healing as well as for healing others! REIKI TREATMENTS stimulate physical, mental and emotional healing and energetic rebalancing. After taking a REIKI class, you’ll be able to do daily self treatments for yourself, loved ones & pets. Using guided meditations and hands on techniques, you’ll learn how to radiate REIKI healing energy from your hands. You will gain an understanding of the energetic healing process and increase your ability to help heal yourself and others.



In Oshune REIKI classes, you’ll:

• Learn how to Heal yourself, your loved ones & our pets with your own… hands. Increase your natural healing abilities!
• Learn how to balance your Chakras. (Energy centers of the body)
• Learn how to sense and feel Energy (even if you never have before!)
• Learn how to sense and release Energy Cords from other people that are connected to you… stop being an energy sponge.
• Learn how to expand your intuition using Oshune Reiki! Everyone is PSYCHIC!
• Learn how to call upon your Spirit Guides and Angels to assist with healings.


Oshune Reiki Certification Classes are taught by Private Sessions. Choose from In Person Sessions by appointment (for women only – 10 Minutes from St. Paul MN) or Distance Sessions that are available to both women and men by phone or skype (yes, it can be taught over the phone!).

Why Private Reiki Classes? Because WildFlower believes that first we must learn to heal ourselves – before we can heal others. When you are in a private class / session, you are able to 100% focus on your own healing – and your own learning – and therefore you receive more benefit from each class. And because each class begins with a Full Oshune Reiki Energy MakeOver Treatment, you get the benefit of not only getting a full healing session, but also becoming a certified Reiki Practitioner at the same time as well. Each Private Reiki Certification Training Class (in person or by phone/skype) includes:

  1. Gem Stone Therapy
  2. Chakra Alignment & Aura Clearing
  3. Vibrational Singing Bowl Sound Healing
  4. An Intuitive Reading to help you understand the energies that surround the circumstances that are currently present in your life right now.



Here is what a couple of our students have to say: (read more testimonials below)

“I have always strived to be perfect, without fault, in all aspects of my life. At work, socially and personally. In fact, I’ve been referred to as “little Martha Stewart” on several occasions.

After my first Oshune Reiki session with WildFlower, I noticed a calmness that came over me. With my first Attunement, I became aware of a definite shift in energy. I’ve become more centered and less concerned about appearing perfect to the outside world. Daily practice in the healing power of Oshune Reiki, has provided me with a clearing and powerful change in my consciousness.

– Stillwater, MN


Hi, Flower!

I wanted to thank you for the Oshune Reiki Training! After years of trying to see the effects of Reiki, (I had already been attuned to traditional Usui Reiki with witnessing little effects) I finally experienced a physical change because of it after running. My (new) shoe left a big bruise on my foot that hurt and was very purple. I did Reiki on it that night and the next morning it was lighter in color, but bigger. I did just a little more at work that morning, and by the end of the night it was completely gone. This bruise should’ve been there for a week and gone through a rainbow of colors, but instead it was gone in a day. I wish I’d taken a picture of it so people could be as amazed as I!

Thank you for everything!

Steph – St. Cloud, MN

There are 6 Levels in Oshune Reiki. Note: When you get an Oshune Reiki Certification, you will actually be getting attuned to 2 different types of Reiki. Oshune Reiki and Traditional Usui Reiki because WildFlower is both a Certified Usui Reiki Master Teacher (since 2002) as well as the Creator of Oshune Reiki (in 2002). In each level of the courses that you take, you will be attuned to and will learn a new symbol to use in your healing sessions. You are welcome to take as many or as few levels as you desire. You will receive an Oshune Reiki Certification Document after each level you take.

Oshune Reiki Level 1: For Self Healings (2 hours) $325

Oshune Reiki Level 2: Practitioner Level – To be able to do Oshune & Usui Reiki Healings + Distance Healings for others and pets (2 hours) $350

Oshune Reiki Level 3: Practitioner Level – Life Path Healing for yourself and others + Basic Energetic Shielding (2 hours) $375

Oshune Reiki Level 4: Intermediate Practitioner Level – Soul Healing for yourself and others, Advanced Energetic Shielding, Basic Energy Removal Training, Psychic Intuitive Training – to perform readings for yourself or your clients (2.5 hours) $400

Oshune Reiki Level 5: Advanced Practitioner Level – Advanced Energy Removal Training, Advanced Psychic Intuitive Training, Energetic Shielding, Unmanifesting and Crystal/Gem Stone Healing Training (3 hours) $500

Oshune Reiki / Oshune Law Of Attraction Practitioner Level 6: Advanced Practitioner Level. Upon completion of this level, you will be also be a Certified Law Of Attraction Practitioner and will be able to work with clients helping them to use the Law Of Attraction. This course includes: Law Of Attraction Training for your own individual personality type / Manifestation Training / How To Conduct An Oshune Law Of Attraction Session With Clients / How To Manifest Your Ideal Clients / Calming The Monkey Mind Meditation Technique / Creating Critical Mass To Manifest Your Hearts Desires (3 hours) $575


To reserve your private Oshune Reiki Classes/ Reiki Treatment with WildFlower, click your class level to be brought to the payment page and complete your payment. Once you complete your payment (by paypal, debit or credit card) we will email you at the email that you used with your payment (within 24 business hours mon-fri) with available times/days to schedule your appointment to get you all set for your private class.

If you have any questions or would like to pay by check, please email or call our office manager Juliette at assistant(@) or 651-208-6452. Evening and Weekend appointments + Gift Certificates are available.

Here is what some more of our Oshune Reiki Students’ have to say about it:


During my classes with WildFlower, negative patterns released from my
body, mind and soul. It’s as though the world was brought
under a microscope, things in my life are clear. I feel
an awakening of long ignored psychic abilities and feel
the need to restore my physical body back to nourished
life. Heaviness seems silly and wasteful. I now have the
personal power to deal effectively with me instead of
others. As though I’ve heard my voice for the first time.
I can love and care for myself so I can better the world
as a channel for universal love. My confidence is better
than ever before. I feel loving and capable. I thank you
again, and look forward to my next attunement!

– Minneapolis, MN


During my Oshune Reiki Level 1 class, the message for me was
that I was to step into my purpose, to trust that process,
and that I had everything in place to do so.

So, when I went to bed that same night, I was feeling some
pain in my lower back and, without thinking about it,
I put my right hand on my lower back and my left hand
on my abdomen. I then received an image of a wide shaft
of light coming down through my crown chakra and after
a few minutes, the pain was totally gone. I felt very
centered, strong, and defined.

Thank you so much for offering this opportunity to myself and
others! I feel that I have stepped into my purpose and
I am gratefully looking forward to developing it further.

I just realized that I no longer need my reading glasses
to read fine print! Wow! I wasn’t expecting that. This
is so cool.

I wonder what else has been healed…

– Minneapolis, MN


I friend told me about WildFlower in September. I think that’s
when I booked my first appointment. I did an aura cleansing.
I wanted to just go in and relax and let go of all the
negative energy that I pick up during my day as a daycare
provider. WildFlower and I talked about what my day was
like and how I could make time for myself. During that
cleansing I started to see symbols, past lives and animal

Well, things really started to open up for me. So then I signed
up for Reiki I. I also started meditations every day.

Now with WildFlower’s help I am continuing my Oshune Reiki education
but I’m also in contact with my own guides. This was something
I was never able to do. My last appointment was at the
beginning of January. This was a HUGE turning point for
me. I received confirmation on who my spirit guide was
and my angel. But I also had a special visitor from the
other side show up. This visitor turned out to be one
of my Best friends who had left this life far to early
in a terrible way. I was very blessed to have him come
to me and offer to help and be a guide. I will never forget

Since that last Oshune Reiki Attunement, I feel my life
as turned in the direction it needs. I have always been
interested in psychic abilities and now I understand better
when I need to go with my own.

WildFlower is not only a teacher and a mentor, but I also consider
her a friend. She’s the real deal. She has the connections
and the ability to help inspire people!

Thank you WildFlower for everything and many blessings to you,

– WI


Thank you for the Oshune Reiki Level 1 training you did with
me! I feel great about it! I looked over the sheet of
suggestions from you and have definitely felt the positive
effects from them already. I definitely felt the Oshune
Reiki energy!

– MN


I have been working with my energy balls and the rainbow
meditation and the white light daily. That energy has
carried over into my place of employment. I have been
dealing with an abusive situation. My voice was truly
found because of recent behavior. So I am blessing the
situation. It had to happen. Things still have not been
resolved, but I have been heard. Amazing.

I have also noticed that I just want to eat less, and what
I want to eat is mainly things of the earth (i.e., salads,
fruits, vegetables, nuts). And I thank you for telling
me about white tea. It is so wonderful. There is a Kwan
Yin presence to it. I have had 2 cups a day I enjoy it

– MN


WildFlower! The last Reiki attunement hit me so strong. It was
different than second level. Right now is ok, I feel great!!!
I had some sad days, but I’ve been keep doing my meditations.
Sometimes was hard, but I did it- I left this hard time
Now is great-I can feel I’m on a different level of Reiki.
Thank you

– Bloomington, MN



(above) Photos of WildFlower from her speaking engagements.

About WildFlower:

As an Intuitive Reiki Master, WildFlower (formerly known as Jessalyn Devereaux) has been a featured keynote speaker with Paradigm Symposium and the Learning Annex where she created the wildly successful “Meet the Psychics, Meet the Healers” seminar series in Minneapolis. She hosts the TV/Radio Show “Bridging The Gap”, to help you unleash your inner power and hosts Club Limitless – An online membership club dedicated to helping you reach your goals and achieve your true potential. A former College Professor teaching advanced marketing techniques, she currently teaches through WildFlower Institute and She is known as “The Practical Psychic”, offering guidance on how people can unleash their inner power to engage their InnerSpirit in their lives. Her predictions have been featured a variety on talkshows and magazines. Plus, she has appeared live with the Psychic PanelTM, Kathryn Harwig, The InnerSpirit Circle®, at the Edge Expo and as a guest co-host on Echo Bodine’s “Intuitive Living” Radio Show.


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