Platinum 13 Immersion Program with WildFlower – Offered Worldwide by Phone (or Skype if you’re outside of the U.S.)

Tuition $13,995 ($16,345 value – saving $2,350) Payment Plans are available. See below for details. 

The Full Body, Mind & Spirit Experience To Renew Your Inspiration & Upgrade Your Life – Includes the Energy MakeOvers Fast-Track Energy Repatterning Program + Energy MakeOver JumpStart Momentum Program and more.  Evening and Weekend appointments are available.

This program takes place over the course of 7 months and helps to upgrade your life by identifying energetic layers and patterns that create “Success Blocks” and “Energy Blocks” that keep you stuck in your life and by clearing, removing and replacing them with energetic and emotional patterns that work for you, rather than against you, you are able to re-train those blocks to become “Success Assets”.

This program is NOT about fly-by-night inspiration that is impossible to sustain, like a conference or workshop. Many of my clients have had wonderful and enlightening experiences by attending a workshop, but a few week or a month down the road, they lose the initial inspiration and momentum that they had right after the conference because they simply were not given the ongoing and long term support that is truly necessary for creating long term success. This program is about creating a foundation of grounded energy that allows you to create not only the intention for a fantastic and enjoyable life for the next 10, 20 or 30 years down the road, but also learning the tools to help you live your “True Life Path” while becoming empowered to.

This program is not for people who are lazy and want to put the least amount of effort into creating their lives. If that sounds like you, then feel free to go back to watching “the secret”, making your vision boards and putting affirmations on your bathroom mirror, while hoping for the next 20 years that something will happen to change your life for the better.

This immersion program is for people who are ready to grab life by the horns, set their sights on a brighter future and charge forward into creating a life that a life where they can “be themselves” in every aspect of their lives. Wouldn’t that feel nice? To just be able to “be yourself” in your own life, everywhere you went and with everyone you talk to? It’s amazing what a dramatic difference it can make on your entire outlook on life when you can just be yourself. And to be the self that you want to be, not just become the default person that your experiences and upbringing shaped you to be, but to truly live life on your own terms, instead of basing your self-esteem on your accomplishments, your external success, or on the approval of others. This program is all about re-sparking your inspiration and momentum for life as well as empowering you to be yourself in your life while teaching you the tools that you need to be able to maintain your success in the long run.

By starting out with sessions twice weekly, it allows you to “fast-track” your success by keeping frequent focus on your goals. The sessions then move to a once weekly pattern for the next 13 weeks to assist you in keeping your inspiration and momentum without the “back-sliding” that can so often happen after a period of self-transformation. After the Momentum Program period, the sessions then transition to twice a month to help you maintain the success and progress you made during the fast-track and momentum programs.

If you find that you need to restructure the dates or frequency of some of your sessions to accommodate your travel or vacation schedule, no problem. Just let our office manager, Juliette know when you schedule your sessions and she would be happy to find a way to accommodate your needs. We also offer payment plans for this package, please see below for details.

This package includes:

Energy MakeOver Fast-Track – Energy Repatterning Program 2x Weekly for 6.5 weeks = 13 Sessions ($4,485 value) An immersion experience of sessions twice a week for 6 weeks, to identify and assist in removing the “Energetic Success Block Layers” that keep you stuck in old patterns that are no longer serving you and turning the energy of them around by reprogramming them (on energetic, conscious and subconscious levels) to become your “Success Assets”.

Energy MakeOver JumpStart – Momentum Program 1x Weekly for 13 weeks = 13 Sessions ($4,485 value) – Weekly Sessions to help establish your renewed momentum and offer weekly support while you are in the process of creating new patterns in your body, mind, spirit, experience and energy field.

Energetic Success Maintenance Sessions 2x Month for 2 Months = 4 Sessions ($1,380 value) – Bi-Weekly Sessions to assist you to sustain your momentum and stay on track with your progress.

Customized “Attraction Code” Success Anchoring Symbol ($1500 value) – WildFlower intuitively creates a custom Success Anchoring Symbol created especially for you, to assist you during your Body, Mind & Spirit Experience. It is well documented that the subconscious mind relates to symbols at a lightening fast pace. And since this package is all about clearing layers of unwanted energetic blocks and success blocks, she will create a custom symbol, made just for you, to assist you in anchoring in your success. It is simply easier to reprogram the subconscious mind, as well as the energetic field, when you have a symbol that communicates directly to your subconscious because it allows you to bypass your conscious mind to re-train your identity so that it is easier to become the person you want to become. Your Success Symbol will be created during the JumpStart Fast-Track portion of your program.

Customized Hypnosis Meditation ($1500 value) – WildFlower will create a Custom Hypnosis Meditation made just for you, to assist you in removing blockages that are in the way of you proceeding to the next level in your life. Your custom meditation will be created during the Momentum phase of this package and will be made available for you to download to your computer and listen to on any playback device such as your phone or tablet.

Ongoing Email Support for the duration of the package ($2,995 value) – Email WildFlower up to 1x per week during the duration of your package (with up to 2 questions per email) that you may have during your journey.


Platinum 2 Week Installment Plan (no fee) $13,995. Your first payment of $6,997 will process the day you reserve your package, with the remaining payment of $6,997 processed 2 weeks later.

Platinum 6 Week Installment Plan $14,045 ($13,995 for the Platinum 13 Package + $50 installment fee) in 6 Weekly Payments of: $2,340. Your first payment will process the day you reserve your package, with the remaining payments processed weekly for the next 5 weeks on the day of your choosing (for example Wednesday’s or Friday’s).

Platinum 3 Month Installment Plan – 3 Month Payment Plan – $14,195 ($13,995 for the Platinum 13 Package + $200 installment fee) in 6 Bi-Weekly Payments of: $2,349 on the day of your choosing (for example Wednesday’s or Friday’s).

Platinum 5 Month Installment Plan – $14,295 ($13,995 for the Platinum 13 Package + $300 installment fee) 15 Bi-Weekly Payments of $. Your first payment will process the day you reserve your package, with the remaining payments processed for the next 5 weeks on the day of your choosing (for example Wednesday’s or Friday’s).


To be on your way to creating a renewed life and begin your Immersion Program, click HERE to contact our office manager Juliette by email or by phone. She will get you all set up on my calendar so that you can begin your Energy MakeOver journey and make this year be the year that sets the stage for a brighter future for the rest of your life.

Blessings, WildFlower


About WildFlower:

As an Intuitive Reiki Master and Life Transformation Psychic, WildFlower has been a featured keynote speaker with Paradigm Symposium and the Learning Annex where she created the wildly successful “Meet the Psychics, Meet the Healers” seminar series in Minneapolis. She hosts the TV/Radio Show “Bridging The Gap”, to help you unleash your inner power and hosts Club Limitless – An online membership club dedicated to helping you reach your goals and achieve your true potential. A former College Professor teaching advanced marketing techniques, she currently teaches through WildFlower Institute and She is known as “The Practical Psychic”, offering guidance on how people can unleash their inner power to engage their InnerSpirit in their lives. Her predictions have been featured a variety on talkshows and magazines. Plus, she has appeared live with the Psychic PanelTM, Kathryn Harwig, The InnerSpirit Circle®, at the Edge Expo and as a guest co-host on Echo Bodine’s “Intuitive Living” Radio Show.

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