These enlightening consultations and classes help open your eyes to the bigger picture of what’s going on in your life right now and teach you how to utilize the “Law of Attraction” to manifest your hearts desires. This will help empower you to harness your true passions within, creating positive changes in your own life.

 “Wow,  a session with WildFlower is better then any therapy appointment I’ve had in my entire life – ever!”… R.M. – St. Paul, MN

“A session with WildFlower always recharges my inspiration!”… Juliette M. – Minneapolis, MN


 Psychic Intuitive Readings  Available Worldwide – on the phone. A Psychic Intuitive Reading with WildFlower offers Wisdom, Insight, and Clarity regarding your health, life path, business and spiritual matters.  Discover why people refer to WildFlower as  “The Professional Angel” – This is no ordinary psychic consultation!

 Reiki Energy MakeOvers TM  Worldwide – on the phone or in person consultations for women only in the St. Paul / Minneapolis, MN area. Part Psychic Intuitive Reading – Part Life Coaching, and finished off with a balancing Oshune Reiki Vibrational Healing Treatment that aligns your Chakras – (or energy centers of the body)

 Oshune Reiki Training TM  Worldwide – on the phone or in-person classes/treatment sessions just south of St. Paul, MN – click here for details and scheduling. Limited group classes available in the Minneapolis, MN area throughout the year – If there is a group class scheduled, it will be posted here at the facebook fan page. Learn this powerful vibrational balancing and healing technique that combines traditional Usui Reiki with Sound Therapy and Energy Clearing to induce an immediate state of body, mind and spirit balance.

 Intuitive Life Coaching  A Psychic Intuitive Life Coaching Call offers Wisdom, Insight, and Clarity regarding your health, life path, business and spiritual matters with a special emphasis on action that you can take to improve your life, circumstances, energy, career, life balance and body/mind/spirit balance. Think Sylvia Browne meets Stephen Covey….. even if you don’t know what to do next, we’ll get you pointed in the right direction.

 Abundance MakeOvers TM  Worldwide – on the phone – Part Psychic Intuitive Reading – Part Career/Business Coaching, and finished off with a balancing Oshune Reiki Vibrational Healing Treatmentthat aligns your Chakras

Intuitive Millionaire Business Coaching TM Worldwide – on the phone – Discover how to develop aspiritual and magical relationship with your career / business and your money. Learn how to use the “Law of Attraction” to create success and wealth. Increase your psychic intuitive abilities (everyone has them) to choose the perfect opportunities and timing for your career and business activities.

 Psychics, Palm Readers & Card Readers for Parties  Minneapolis / St. Paul / w. Wisconsin – Add a special touch of mystery and enchantment to your party or special event by having one of our expert psychics or palm readers at your gathering.

Reserve Your Consultation with WildFlower

To reserve your appointment, make a payment below with a credit/debit card, paypal or online check.

Once we have received your payment, one of our live team members (not an automated computer) will then email you within 24 hours with available appointment times. Please note if you’d prefer an afternoon or evening appointment time during your checkout.

Note: in-person consultations (for women only in St. Paul, MN area) are 2 hours long and are $350. Click HERE to reserve an in-person session. Afternoon/Evening appts. available.

We value your time and ours, and in order to honor our time, there are no refunds available on purchased consultations. If you need to reschedule a consult from your originally scheduled time, kindly give us a minimum of 24 hours notice by phone. Unless there is an emergency, any appointments canceled with less then 24 hours notice will be forfeited.

To pay with check by mail, to ask a question or to schedule directly with us, email assistant(@)professionalangel.com or call 651-208-6452

Package Details

Packages are offered for those that are in a place of transition in their lives and are looking for the maximum support in transforming their lives, energy and finding life balance. With a package, the sessions will take on an Intuitive Life/Energy Coaching kind of feel to help you make progress on your goals and solidify balance in your body/mind/spirit. Packages can be used weekly, bi-weekly or monthly – depending on your needs.

If you’re looking for a jumpstart to get the maximum amount of positive change in your life, really want to turn your life around for the better and reclaim your inner power, we recommend a combination of a Package of sessions used as weekly sessions (listed below) and going through the series of Private Oshune Reiki Classes/Treatments (details here)






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