The Energetic Weight Loss Program – Private Sessions with WildFlower:

Energetic Weight Loss JumpStart Session – 30 Minute Session/Reading – $97 (Reg. $125) Click HERE to reserve your JumpStart Session – plus the first 5 people to reserve their session get the Energetic Weight Loss Hypnosis Audio Download ($27 value) as a FREE Gift.

Mini – Energetic Weight Loss Foundation Mini Package – One 60 Minute Session/Reading & One 30 Minute Follow-up Session/Reading – $395  Click HERE to reserve your Foundation Sessions

Basic – Energetic Weight Loss Foundation Silver Package – Three 45 Minute Session/Readings – $595  Click HERE to reserve your Silver Sessions

Gold – Energetic Weight Loss –  Energetic Upgrade Package – Five 90 Minute Sessions/Readings $1,595  (Regular price without package – $1,750) Click HERE to reserve your Complete Energetic Upgrade Package


Energetic Weight Loss Sessions with WildFlower are for people that have anywhere from 5-100 pounds or more to loose. It’s a a combination of an Intuitive Reading with Tarot Cards to help you get clear on the subconscious and energetic reasons for your weight gain and what to do about them, plus an Oshune Reiki Vibrational Healing Treatment that helps to clear the body of the energy patterns that keep you overweight. Loosing weight is not all about diet and exercise, it’s also about energy. During these sessions, we address all of the factors that have kept you overweight – including diet, lifestyle, exercise, self-esteem and sub-conscious protective mechanisms.

“I created these sessions originally for my own health and lost over 50 pounds with these treatments – and have kept it off for over a decade. My clients have had fantastic success with these treatments throughout the years as well, loosing from 10 to over 100 pounds each.” – WildFlower

During the treatments, holes and tears in your aura are repaired, your chakras strengthened and your “Energetic Blue Print” is balanced – allowing you to replace the need for protecting your energy with excess weight with a stronger, more intact energy field. To help you lose weight more easily. Includes a diet, lifestyle and exercise consultation. These sessions are done mostly by phone (or Skype if outside of the US) using distance Oshune Reiki or in-person sessions (for women only) are available on a limited basis near St. Paul, Minnesota.


Here is what Anne had to say about her weight loss journey:

“I have been obese for the past 22 years and have tried everything to lose weight. I worked with Wildflower for 6 months doing a mix of Energetic Weight Loss and Oshune Reiki sessions. At first, I noticed a decrease in my stress level, especially at work as I became more present in the moment and took on less negative energy from others. Gradually, the desire to overeat has lessened as I shift my energy with Reiki instead of with food. I am now at a healthier weight (no longer obese) and feel better than I have been in years. (see before and after photos below)

Thank you!”

Dr. Anne H.– Minneapolis, MN


Reserve Your Consultation with WildFlower

To reserve your sessions, simply click the link to make a payment.

Once we have received your payment, one of our live team members (not an automated computer) will then email you within 24 hours with available appointment times. Please note if you’d prefer an afternoon or evening appointment time during your checkout.

Note: in-person consultations (for women only in St. Paul, MN area) are 2 hours long and are $350. Contact us to reserve an in-person session. Afternoon/Evening appts. available.

We value your time and ours, and in order to honor our time, there are no refunds available on purchased consultations. If you need to reschedule a consult from your originally scheduled time, kindly give us a minimum of 24 hours notice by phone. Unless there is an emergency, any appointments canceled with less then 24 hours notice will be forfeited.

To pay with check by mail, to ask a question or to schedule directly with us, email assistant(@) or call 651-208-6452

Package Details

Packages are offered for those that are in a place of transition in their lives and are looking for the maximum support in transforming their lives, energy and finding life balance. With a package, the sessions will take on an Intuitive Life/Energy Coaching kind of feel to help you make progress on your goals and solidify balance in your body/mind/spirit. Packages can be used weekly, bi-weekly or monthly – depending on your needs.

If you’re looking for a jumpstart to get the maximum amount of positive change in your life, really want to turn your life around for the better and reclaim your inner power, we recommend a combination of a Package of sessions used as weekly sessions (listed below) and going through the series of Private Oshune Reiki Classes/Treatments (details here)